Unbeatable Experience. Flexibility Second-to-None.


Milliken / Capture Floor Care Products

Milliken and Clean Advantage, Inc. have worked closely since we expanded our product line in 1999. We have found their leadership and associates to be some of the most courteous, resourceful and honest people. Clean Advantage, Inc. has been and remains determined and dedicated to answering our needs as well as identifying solutions that save Milliken and our customers time, trouble and expense. Linda Black is more than just a supplier or vendor to Milliken. She has been a coach and mentor to many of us.

She has shared her experience in the business world and has helped us navigate the ins and outs of business relationships, costing and sourcing issues and manufacturing dilemmas. Clean Advantage, Inc. has been more than a blend and fill facility.

Clean Advantage, Inc. was chosen and electronically linked to be Milliken’s first non-Milliken owned shipping facility. Today, they process and ship all our orders for all our major retail customers. From a manufacturing aspect, Clean Advantage, Inc. has proven over and over again to be a flexible solution provider for large and small runs. They pay close attention to cost and quality at every level. In a word, they offer a value to Milliken that no other supplier/vendor has come close to providing.

Committed to Excellence.


Renita Owens, CPA

As the CPA working with Clean Advantage, Inc. and its owners from the inception of the company, I have been continually impressed with their integrity, efficient processes, quality of service, and finished packaging product.

My relationship with Mrs. Linda Black, President of Clean Advantage, Inc. began in the early 1970’s when she and her husband owned other companies. Linda always amazes me with her ability to find solutions to customer problems. One example is when she spent hours re-designing a customer’s packaging in order to meet a design and cost need. This solution involved using the lid from a totally different product she found in the retail market, and painting it per the customer specs in order to save a few cents per package for the customer.

A walk through the packaging plant and materials management areas show a commitment to efficiency, cleanliness, and order that is rarely seen.

Extensive Capabilities Resulting in a Competitive Edge


Les Bridwell, K4 Products

Over the years Clean Advantage Inc. has proven to be an attentive, responsive and professional company across the board. This relationship has been a tremendous resource for K4Products. Our company deviates from the norm in many ways. With that said, Clean Advantage, Inc. is a perfect solution with their overall capabilities of bottling, inventory management, distribution & logistical services, experienced consulting and production flexibility.

Ultimately, demonstrating great know how and aptitude to work well with its customers. We strongly recommend Clean Advantage, Inc. as they’ve have helped our company with the added edge required in today’s competitive environment.

A Strategic Partner for 20 Years... Not just a supplier.


Jim Cashion, Holly Oak Chemical, Inc.

Clean Advantage, Inc. has been a strategic partner for over 20 years. Allowing Holly Oak Chemical, Inc. to direct customers with confidence to them for bottling, packaging, and distribution. They are prompt, knowledgeable, and very helpful in assisting us to get customers to market. I would be glad to talk with anyone about our excellent team approach to getting customers to market.

Reliable Quality


Guy Womble
Royal Adhesives, Formerly ParaChem

It has been a pleasure working with Clean Advantage, Inc. over the last 10 years. Clean Advantage Inc. employees are knowledgeable, friendly, easy to contact and flexible to meet our requirements. The quality of the end product has always met our expectations. It has been a great partnership.

Thanks for all your support!!